Van der Loeff Family Lawyers

Van der Loeff familierecht advocaten is a specialist divorce and family law firm which provides legal advice and legal support. With more than 25 years of experience handling divorce cases and family law proceedings, our lawyers are specialized in international divorce law and complex financial and property cases with corporate or trust elements. Another area of expertise is cases involving children, including child abduction and international custody cases.


Our lawyers are experienced mediators as well. They are members of the vFAS (Dutch association of family law lawyers and mediators) and are registered at the MfN (mediators federation of the Netherlands). Especially when children are involved, we prefer to help clients reach an agreement by advising them on the options available to them as parents. However, if constructive dialogue between partners is not possible, our lawyers step in to negotiate or litigate. We are committed to resolving matters in the best interests of our client.


Going through a divorce is an emotionally testing time. Sadness, fear and anger can cloud judgment. With empathy and respect we bring calm and common sense to every dispute, helping our clients to put the past behind them and look to the future.


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